About Us

Who Are We?

Arham Online Academy is your go-to platform to get the best form of Islamic education. We are known for delivering top-quality Islamic teaching services that are pocket-friendly. Our journey comes from a past of profound passion for sharing the lights of wisdom of the Quran with learners globally. Our team of certified Quran instructors with a magnificent dedication to the Quranic teachings sets us apart from others. They practice of deep understanding of the Quran in their daily life which gives a sense of strong purpose.

Our Teaching Style

Arham Online Academy comes with a very comprehensive Quranic teaching style. Our focus is on the connection of the ultimate message from Allah, as we believe the Quranic teachings are more than just a recitation from Allah. Our personalized methods are there for all age groups of students from various backgrounds, which gives the license for every individual to advance their learning pace.